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Kindness is just love with its work boots on!

—The House Bunny

Leash death grip because she’s being a little monster today.

Leash death grip because she’s being a little monster today.

I just went for a check-in about my depression medication with my doctor and she says she sees huge improvement in me. *does happy dance*

It’s sometimes hard to find free seats in the library, but my German section chair was open!

It’s sometimes hard to find free seats in the library, but my German section chair was open!

Load Your School Assignments onto HabitRPG

I just started up grad school this semester, so I’m learning to use my HabitRPG account to help me with my studies. All those reddish to-dos? I’ve put all my assignments in individually. Because of the waiting time, each further assignment I complete brings me bigger rewards. It gives me a joy that I’m not only getting good grades, but also making my pets into mounts!

I know a lot of people don’t have HabitRPG yet, but I highly recommend it. It’s made me a lot better organized by making me feel like I’m winning a game by doing so. The Game of Life, sort of? 

Little #pirate details in my work outfit today. #disney

Little #pirate details in my work outfit today. #disney

What Disney movie song most closely represents what you think of the world around you? Bring up lyrics in your explanation if you like!

I sent this question to a few people (some mutuals, some not), so I thought it only fair I give my own answer.

The song that best describes my primary concern with the world is Tarzan’s “Strangers Like Me”. Consider especially these quotes:

"I can see there’s so much to learn. It’s all so close and yet so far. I see myself as people see me. Oh, I just know there’s something bigger out there"

"These emotions I never knew of some other world far beyond this place. Beyond the trees, above the clouds, I see before me a new horizon."

"Come with me now to see my world where there’s beauty beyond your dreams. Can you feel the things I feel right now, with you? Take my hand.
There’s a world I need to know.”

The thing I care most about is understanding the world and the people around me. I can see there’s so much to learn (ha!) and I know that I could see it better with the help of others. I spend a lot of time asking people sort of probing questions like these to learn more about their inner worlds.

See, I think there is a tendency especially in our generation to categorize ourselves by the things around us. What’s your Hogwarts house? What’s your D&D alignment? That sort of thing. I think it’s fascinating. A lot of my questions are like this. If you got one and would like more, let me know. If I didn’t send this to you and you still would be interested in answering, definitely do it and tag me in your post so I can see what you have to say.



Birthday idea: ask everybody to give you their favourite book with a dedication and an explanation, why they love it. Your friends will be happy sharing a part of themselves and you will get not only the most sincere recommendations, but maybe a key to understand your friends better. And even if you read it before you could do it again and try to see it through the giver’s eyes. You might see it completely differently.


I would love to do this! Or imagine sending little book care packages to friends who live a distance from you. Anyone interested in something like that? Or does that already exist?

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